Friday, September 21, 2012

Week #9: Started out slowly, but ended with an amazing MP trial!

First of all, I forgot to note in my entry last week that I was halfway done with my marathon training plan. It's unbelievable how the time has passed. 

I had an SRD, but I had an interesting adventure after work. I found an orchestra online in desperate need of a piccolo player - which never happens in NYC. Usually, I'd have to get in line with a million other people to simply audition to be a substitute. When I realized that there would be a smaller time commitment involved - rehearsing every other week instead of every week - I knew that I would have to give this group a shot. 

However, the one challenge was that this group rehearses in White Plains, so it involves taking the Metro North to get there. Thankfully, I work near Grand Central, and the group rehearses very close to the White Plains train station, and it's an easy walk on both sides. I chose between taking the 6:09 and the 6:13 train, and once I decided to take the slightly later one, I saw a sign to make me realize that I made the right choice

The orchestra rehearsal was fun. Although they are not as polished as some of the other groups I have been in, they are extremely enthusiastic players, and with the assistance of a very knowledgable music director, I think we'll sound great at our December 1st concert. I just found out that I will be playing oboe and piccolo. Apparently, I will be filling the position of second oboe and piccolo somehow. Time to get practicing!!!

Oh yeah, this is supposed to be a running blog, isn't it? Anyway, since I was out late last night, I decided to run after work. Since it was the eleventh anniversary of September 11th, I decided to bump my eight mile scheduled run to a 9.11 mile run to be symbolic. 

The first couple of miles felt good, but a lack of free time over the last few days took it's toll and it became a sluggish run. I kept looking at my Garmin and didn't understand how my usual easy effort suddenly went from a 10mm to a 10:40mm. It was only in the last couple of miles that I finally got the spring in my step back. It felt good to complete the run, but my paces disappointed me.

I was supposed to run 10-4-4 over the next few days, but I decided to cut the MLR and do 4-7-7 instead. Since it was a cutback week and I already was running on a sleep deficit, I decided to change the mileage distribution just this once. 

This run wasn't quite as sluggish as yesterday's, but still not up to my normal standards. Meh. I'm sensing a pattern.


Well, that's more like it. I had a slow start, but around mile four, it felt like rockets were attached to my legs. What started out as a crappy run ended pretty well.

Too bad I can't say the same thing about the production of Evita on Broadway. A generous donor bought the entire theater out for one night so that every person in attendance was from my workplace. Ricky Martin was passable as Che, and most of the other actors and ensemble were decent, but the actress who played Eva was terrible. I really don't understand why she was cast for the part. I should have left after intermission, but a part of me needed to see how bad it could get. 

This was one of those days when then run felt amazing from start to finish.  My body seemed to be back to its normal self after all of the activity after the last couple of weeks, and it was nice to know that I would have a four day weekend due to the Jewish New Year coming up.....yea....I'm laughing as I type this. I'll explain why in next week's entry.

Instead of running, I attended the bridal shower of one of my closest friends. There is no better way to spend a rest day than hanging out with a few of my closest friends, and meeting a bunch of new people. Here is a picture of the lovely bride to be and the cake from her shower. 

This post has been delayed long enough due to my getting sick, so I will work on a seperate post for the Yonkers Half and treat it as a race report. Suffice to say, I got well under two hours - 1:55:25 - and it felt easy, so perhaps a sub-4 hour finish for NYCM isn't as quite out of reach as I thought it was....

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