Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in Review: A Great Year of Running

It has been an amazing year for me in terms of running. First, here are some statistics that I kept track of on excel over this past year, followed by goals for 2012:

2011 Stats / 2012 Goals
Total Miles Run: 1389.85 / 1500
Average Miles Per Month: 115.82 / 125
Average Miles Per Week: 26.62 / 28.85
Average Miles Per Day: 3.81 / 4.10

Apparently I could run from NYC to Lincoln, NE with a few miles to spare. Either that, or I could run to the southern tip of Florida with almost 100 miles to spare.

Also, here are my PRs as of today, along with my 2012 goals:

2011 PR / 2012 Goal
1 Mile:     7:04 / 6:59
5K:          27:27 / 23:59
4 Miles:   32:44 / 31:59
5 Miles:   43:40 / 41:59
10K:       54:27 / 52:xx
15K:       1:19:54 / 1:17:xx
HM:        1:54:27 / 1:49:xx
Marathon: NA / 4:29:xx

I don't know how realistic some of these goals are, but any improvements made will be a good things. I know that as a newer runner, improvements would come very quickly, but I know that eventually, it will take much more work to see even any improvements at all.

But numbers don't tell the whole story. The other day, while my mom and I were running, she asked me what I liked most about running, I realized that it wasn't just about the PRs and the numerical data, no matter how much I enjoy analyzing it on excel.

I find that running has done the following for me
- keeps me healthy and in shape
- gave me a whole new circle of friends
- gives me goals to aim for
- has given me the means to accomplish what I never thought I could do.

I have also learned a few critical lessons that will help me when it comes time for marathon training
- Listen to my body
- Don't try and increase quality workouts and mileage at the same time
- Running is part of my life, but don't let it be my entire life. There must be balance

I also have other, non running related personal goals that I hope to achieve, and this includes being more aware of what I'm eating and making sure I make healthier choices. Losing weight would be nice, but being healthy is even more important. It is also a goal of mine to incorporate more cross training (1-2x per week) and strength training (2x per week) into my life.

Thanks to everyone who supported me throughout this year, and I look forward to another great year of running, starting off with the Emerald Nuts 4 mile run to bring in the New Year.

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