Monday, May 16, 2011

My new blog!

Hi everyone,

I have been running for six months, and now that I have celebrated my 25th birthday, I will now chronicle my first full year as a runner. I plan on running NYC 2012, which will approximately mark my two year anniversary as a runner.

I have been inspired to start a running blog to replace my countless facebook runkeeper posts. I hope you enjoy it! Here is some background information about where I am in my running.

Here are the list of races I have completed so far towards my 9+1 (and times)

1. December 31, 2010: Emerald Nuts Midnight Run (4M) (40:32 / 10:08mm)
2. January 8, 2011: NYRR Fred Lebow Classic (5M) (45:38 / 9:07mm)
3. February 6, 2011: NYRR Gridiron 4M (35:45 / 8:56mm)
4. March 6, 2011: Coogan's Salsa, Blues, and Shamrocks 5K (27:26 / 8:50mm)
5. March 27, 2011: New York Colon Cancer Challenge (15K ) (1:23:21 / 8:57mm)
6. April 10, 2011: Scotland Run (10K) (54:55 / 8:51mm)
7. April 23, 2011: NYRR 4 Mile (4M) (33:33 / 8:23mm)
8. May 14, 2011: UAE Healthy Kidney 10K (57:08 / 9:12mm)

Race report for the Healthy Kidney to come shortly!

I am currently preparing for my first half marathon this weekend. My goal is sub-2, but we'll see how everything goes!

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